Difference between hand soap and dish soap

In daily life especially while you are in the kitchen you may have used dish-washing soap to wash your hand and sometimes you may have thought of using washing powder to wash your dishes. These are very common especially when you run out of alternatives. Both hand wash and dish wash soap are made for different purposes, dish washing soap helps to remove grease and oil from dishes, but hand wash soap is used to get rid of bacteria and viruses. The question is What is the real difference between hand soap and dish soap? Can both be used as an alternative? Let’s find out.

Hand Soap

Hand cleaning soap is a cleaning agent offered in diverse forms, such as bars, granules, flakes, fluid forms, and more. It is a combination of fatty acids, sodium salts, and herbal oils, which helps to have germs-free cleaning. Germs and bacteria have the ability to enter the human body through the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. Having germs-free hands means stopping the germs and getting infected.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is available in different forms such as soap bars, powder, and liquid form and is also known as dish-washing detergent, dish-washing soap, or dish-washing liquid. It is a type of special cleaning agent designed for washing and cleaning dishes in homes, restaurants, and offices. It is made up of a high foaming mixture of surfactants that can clean any type of utensils, from glass to silver and stainless steel without causing any irritation to the skin of the users. Like hand wash soap it does not clean bacteria available on the surface of the utensils, but it helps to get rid of germs by washing them with running water. Its foaming mixture helps to remove grease and oils from the surface of the kitchen wares leaving them clean and ready to use for your next meal.

Difference between hand soap and dish soap.

Hand soap is milder and gentler to the skin. It is softer and contains more glycerin than dish soap and foams better in hot water. Dish soap on the other hand harder than hand soap and contain oil removing agent that helps to remove grease from plates. Both soaps perform better in terms of disinfectant agents and help to wash away and remove bacteria and germs.

Since now you are familiar with the uses and purpose of both soaps, it is better to have both soaps available in your home and office. You can use dish soap to wash your hands to get rid of oil and grease but keep in mind that each of them is made to perform different duties. A good anti-bacterial soap is advised to wash hands and stop the spread of infections such as the common cold, flu, and others.

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