What are the best kitchen shears for cutting chicken?

The best way to cook a bird and to enjoy all the juices with a crispy skin is to spatchcock it. It takes a great amount of effort to debone the chicken and to snip its skin. The lack of the right tool, slippery hands and cutting skills makes the whole process unpleasant. Sometime a right tool is more important than having professional level skill. Some cutting skills companied by the right tool makes the whole process effortless. Keeping that in mind the selection of a perfectly designed chicken shears will provide an easy cutting experience and will save you time.

Chicken shears are special designed pair of scissors that can be used to cut, debone and snip the skin of birds. An experience cook can use a chef knife or a pairing knife to spatchcock a chicken but doing the same with a pair of kitchen/chicken shears will make your life easy.

It is hard to find the right tool in the market, but you don’t worry here are the top 7 best chicken shears that you can choose from.

Top 7 best kitchen shears for cutting chicken

iBayam 2-Pack Dishwasher Safe Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors

KOOKTOOL Kitchen Shears Heavy Duty Cooking Scissors, Dishwasher Safe

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Poultry Shears for bone, chicken, meat, fish.

Gerior Spring Loaded Poultry Shears

SZFIXEZ Poultry Shears Kitchen Scissors

ACELONE Spring Loaded Poultry Shears

Best Poultry Shears Chicken Scissors by Heirloom Culinary

Calling all the people who love to buy one and get one free offer. You will not only get a valued two packed in one set but it also comes with the safety cover to protect the sharp edges of the shears. Isn’t it a good offer?. These are multipurpose heavy duty made with high quality hardened stainless steel. The sharp edges will help to cut through almost every food related product in your kitchen. You can easily cut through kitchen, meat, seafood, fruits and vegs, cardboard, herbs or to open food packing and bags. Every heavy duty tool needs a lot of force to perform a given task but with these scissors the case is different, the sharp edges and the ergonomic designed handle are shaped for comfort and less effort. For the people who enjoy colorful tools, iBayam provides them in beautiful multi-colors to match your kitchen theme. All these shears are dishwasher safe but a gently hand wash is recommended to keep the in shape and to maintain the sharp edges for longer period of time. Still confused to owned them or not, let me help you. iBayam provides one year hassle free replacement and lifetime limited warranty with these amazing 2in1 set of shears.



Tired of owning multiple shears for left and right-handed people that works in your kitchen or yourself that requires great thumb strain to use it, don’t worry KookTool has a solution for you. This 5.1 inches long blades shear has a great design, easy to grip handle, a safety lock mechanism and the built-in spring that only require to apply force in one direction. The long blades will help you to reach the cutting spot that will not be possible using shears with short blades. The blades are made with 5Cr15Mov stainless steel, rust resistant which enable the shears to perform heavy duty task for you.  The sharp and durable blades is not only perfect for your kitchen but a good choice to enjoy BBQ, dinner or camping with friends and family. The KookTool shears comes with a manual and a beautiful gift box. They also provide 180 days money back guarantee and 24 months after sale services. 



The heavy duty poultry shears are designed for all purpose of commercial and home cooking. The main design quality that made these shears a heavy duty one is that the blades and handle are made using a single piece of high quality (2Cr13) stainless steel. There are no chances that the handle will broke apart from the blades. Due to the single piece construction it give you more slicing power with minimum force and efforts. For easy to store and hand there is a build in safety lock. More interesting about these shears is that it is actually a 2 in 1 blade design, the back area of the blades can be used for breaking the bones and the tip or front part of the blade is used for cutting and trimming. The premium quality gift box makes them a great choice as a gift. You will also get a free silicon basting brush gift, that will improve the cleaning process. Still confuse to buy it wait they also provide life time guarantee, what else are stopping you to own these ergonomic shears.



If you enjoy working using serrated blades, Gerior spring loaded poultry shears with two different colors choices and micro serrated blades are there for you. These multi purpose shears are not only best for chicken cutting but a great tool for de scaling fish, herbs and vegetable chopping and fat trimming. German cnc finished blades, micro serrated blades, safety lock and anti slip feature are what a professional chef or home cook is looking for a shears. The blades can be easily taken apart and easy to wash. It is recommended to wash each blade separately, wipe with clean and dry piece of cloth and dry the blades in open air for better performance and long losting sharpness. Gerior provide lifetime replacement guarantee and no question ask return.



Every customer wants to get maximum value with minimum investment. Most of the companies are trying to satisfy their customer and provide them with more then expected. SZFIXEZ is also on the road to provide maximum value and satisfaction to their customers. SZFIXEZ poulter shears are one of the multi functional kitchen scissors. By owning one of these you will not only get the versatile kitchen shears but a built in fish scraper and bottle opener. Due to built in spring and ergonomic rubber handle design it is very comfortable to perform heavy duty tasks. The shears are easily detachable for easy clean and wash. Keeping customer safety and different working situations in mind, these shears come with 3 mode lock design. With stainless steel blades and soft rubber handles the left handed and right handed will enjoy the same level of comfort.



An attractive piece for people who love red and gray color combination. These 9.35 inches long shears with 3mm blade thickness are made from 3cr14 stainless steel and the silicone made handles are anti slip and comfortable to use. The 2-mode lock design provides maximum safety and less effort to cut through hard surfaces. The best uses of these shears are butterflying a whole bird, fat trimming, slicing meat and can also be used for chopping fruits and vegetables. Lifetime guarantee is one of the best features of these shears. If you are not satisfied with the shears, you can return it and can get all your money back. It is recommended to wash them by hand and dry immediately.



These are the shears for those who can afford expensive and welling to invest in high quality and durable products. A single piece shears made from 4mm high quality stainless steel will never broke and you will never experience a broken handle again. These shears are so sharp and strong that it can cut through almost everything, even it can cut through plastic and a thin sheet of metal. These shears are a great replacement for your boning knife. These shear are best to use for butterflying, spatchcock, boning and will provide the same value if used for sea foods. These shear are not only good for kitchen use but a best gift piece to be presented on special occasions. It comes with an elegant gift box and a downloadable Italian recipe ebook.



How to sharpen kitchen shears?

As we know there are two different types of kitchen shears, one with the straight sharp edges and the other one with the serrated edges. The straight edges shears are easy to sharpen at home but the serrated one needs some extra skill and effort to sharp. The shears with screw or taken apart can be done easily, and you will be able to sharpen the edges all from the back end to its tip. On the other hand, shears with fix pivot are a little hard to sharpen due to limited reach to the part near the handle.

If you own a serrated shears or shears with fix pivot, it is recommended to take it to a professional. There are many ways to sharpen your scissors like using sand paper, aluminum foil, sharpening stone, galss mason jar, etc. but we will cover the best way to do it recommended by professionals. According to “Work Sharp Sharpeners” a YouTube channel all about sharpening techniques a diamond stone or a ceramic stone is the best way to sharpen your shears. Take apart your scissors and place the bevel on the stone and adjust and rotate it till you feel the flat edges. Once you reach there, apply some soft stroke sliding the blade from the back near the handle to end. The number of strokes depends on the dullness and damage to the blades. Once you are happy with the edges of the bevel, clean it with some cloth to remove the small particle from the blades and reassemble the shears. There are also electrical and manual tools specially designed to sharpen the shears. For more details and techniques, you can watch the video below.

There are many different types of serrated shears with special serration patterns that required special tools and skills to sharpen them. One of the best parts of serrated knives or shears are that they remain sharp for lifetime and very rarely needs sharpening if not used properly or damaged. It is recommended to take them to a professional but if you want to do it yourself, the following video explains it who to do it in proper way.

How to clean poultry and Kitchen Shears?

Clean the shear immediately after every use

Kitchen shears are not like the regular kitchen knives. It becomes very difficult to clean them after food particles dried on the surface. For longevity and hygiene wash the shears immediately after every use. Use hot water and dish soap to clean the blades and try to reach the hard area. The area between the blades, near the handle and between the screw are hard to clean and most the time bacteria grow on that hard to clean areas. Try to reach there are clean and wash it properly. The taken apart kitchen scissors are easy to clean and needs less efforts.

Wipe them immediately after wash

Once you are done with the washing and cleaning of the shears use a soft piece of cloth or towel to dry them immediately, especially the hard reach areas. If the moist remain on the blades it causes oxidation and stain may be developed with the passage of time.

Handwash Recommended

There are many shears in the market that are dishwasher safe but to keep the edges sharp for longer period of time it is always recommended to wash them by hand. It will keep the shears in good shape and condition.

Use food graded oil when required

Use a small amount of food graded oil on the blades and the area around the pivot or screw. The oil will help the blades to move smoothly and prevent the steel from oxidation. Use a smooth layer of oil over and wipe the excess oil with a soft piece of cloth.

Store in the right place

Store the shears in the right place and try to keep them away from the other metal tools such as knives and forks. The best practice is to store them in a separately place with no other metal in contact. For best storage and presentation, many manufacturers provide a nice looking storage or gift box with the shears. Always use that box to store the shears after proper cleaning and maintenance.

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