What does IS mean on silverware?

IS on silverware stands for “International Silver”, a group of 14 silverware manufacturers back in 1898. Among them, the largest ones were Meriden Britannia, Holmes & Edwards, and None other than the Rogers Brothers. Roger Brother Silver was founded in 1847 and since then they include the marking of “1847” and “IS” on all their silverware.

The IS marking on silverware does not indicate the purity and value of the sliver. International silver is marked with “IS”, the sterling silver is marked with the word “STERLING” or sometimes also marked with the number 925. If the marking on silverware or any piece of silver is between 800 to 900, that means that it is still silver but less than sterling silver.

If the back is marked Rogers, maximum Rogers are silver-plate, regardless of what else it is marked. Sometimes it has the sample name, Triple Plate, or A-1. These are all silver-plated flatware or silverware. In 1968 International Silver was acquired by the Insilco holding company.

Is Roger’s silverware silver?

Roger was among the pioneers in silver plating and silverware (silver plated). No matter what your Roger’s silverware is labeled with, most of the silverware is silver plates. On the other hand, if the sliver is marked with “STERLING” or 925 that means that your silverware is 92.5% pure silver.

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